About Us

     Every company has a story; a reason for its inception. We would like to share our story with you.

     Feetz was founded by Tanya John, a former NYC principal, who realized there was much more she could have done as a school leader to have a more profound impact on students' lives. She was so busy "running the school" that she got wrapped up in the everyday life of it all. When she reflected back on where she could have done a better job to make a stronger impact, it was clearly in helping students create an intrinsic drive for success, so that no matter where they went, who they encountered or what their experience was, they would be able to steer the direction of their life knowing there were endless possibilities and that they could have everything the world had to offer. Then, the road block, "do they even know what life has to offer"?

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Our Experiences

We are here to create life altering experiences for young people. That's the goal! Whether you purchase a college day-trip, overnight trip, senior trip, camping package, team building workshop, student empowerment training or a program that is custom fit to meet your population's needs, FEETZ will tailor each experience for students to make it an life changing event.

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30 Day Challenges

Coming Soon! Please check back later.

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To be a principal you have to be CRAZY! You lead a school and are in charge of kids' LIVES as well as positively impacting the lives of all those you work with. That's a HUGE responsibility and we’re here to help you stand out as one of the best.

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In order for our youth to lead themselves to a life worth living, as opposed to a life of simply existing, we must provide them with the PHACTS... Six intangibles that will guide them to success. Students have what it takes to succeed, yet they are lacking the PHACTS.

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In order to help our youth find success, whether in school or in life, we need to master what we call HAPPPY communication. Today, it is especially difficult to stay connected with our teens. With so many social distractions, we often find our positive intent to help turn into one-sided lectures that are frustrating and that produce very little change in behavior or academic success for our teenagers.

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About Tanya John

Tanya John is an experienced educator, who has 15+ years of practice experience both in administration and teaching, specializing in building leadership capacity, systems and structures, and phenomenal school culture; developed innovative curriculum, instruction, and professional development program; prepared school administrators for the changing demands of the 21st century; and created and implemented strategies to empower students and teachers.

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