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     If you really want to get kids to succeed in life you have to get them invested in their life. Get them to want more for themselves and set their own standards. Student empowerment is about opening students up for the possibilities and opportunities life has available to them.

     Student empowerment helps students invest in themselves and become leaders with a positive, can do, attitude. The students you select for this program will show an increase in test scores, credit accumulation and be college ready. Give your students a chance for lifetime success. This program will help set them on a path of ownership, determination and passion.

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"I was motivated to be a better son, friend, student and brother."
- Jamir, student

"Allowed me to further evaluate myself and notice my flaws. I learned to do things honestly and I know that I will try to do things to the best of my ability so that I can have no regrets."
- Christine, student

"Overall I have to say the workshop exceeded my expectations."
- Malcolm, teacher

"I learned how to break bad habits."
- Liany, student

"I learned a lot about myself that I didn't know."
- Jocelyn, student

"Frankly, what would be bad when inspirational people took their time to teach the young? I believed I couldn't learn anything new about myself from others but that has changed. I have the strength to strive resulting in my success. I have acquired new knowledge that is powerful and I am going to utilize it. Thank You."
- Sabrina, student

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